About Us

" For over 60+ years, we've excelled in flooring solutions for trucks and homes, innovating products and production methods."

Leading the Way in Quality Flooring Solutions:
Erie Flooring's Legacy of Excellence

Erie Flooring is a custom manufacturer of a variety of traditional flooring products including solid strip flooring, laminated trailer, micro-edge, and parquet. It is recognized as one of the highest quality manufacturers of laminated trailer flooring in North America. Lumber is locally sourced, and the flooring is manufactured in Canada.

Erie Flooring is one of the largest manufacturers of truck trailer flooring to after-market parts suppliers. It has a loyal customer base in North America which is a testament to its importance to quality. Each stage of the process, from selection of materials to delivery to customers, has quality checks built in.

Erie Flooring has generations of experience and knowledge in the flooring business. Since its inception in the 1900s, the Company has invested in its facilities, manufacturing equipment, techniques, and skilled personnel. This allows the Company to provide quality, custom-made flooring products that pass rigorous quality tests to ensure the longevity of the products.

Erie Flooring’s mission is to fulfill customer requirements through an extensive value proposition, encompassing innovative product offerings and unparalleled personalized service.

Our Journey

Erie Flooring & Wood Products, a division of Mississauga Flooring Solutions, boasts a rich heritage in the flooring industry since the 1900s, offering extensive expertise in manufacturing various hardwood flooring products. Under Impressive Floors, Erie Flooring produces a diverse range of traditional flooring solutions, from solid strip flooring to parquet. Renowned for its superior quality, Erie Flooring is also a leading manufacturer of laminated trailer flooring, enjoying a loyal customer base throughout North America.